Soulstice to become…AWAKEN

Announced last night at Soulstice was the news of Berean’s intent to partner with Micah and the Evangelical Covenant Church to plant a new community starting July 1st called AWAKEN.

Here’s a bit from the website from Micah:
About a year ago God began to work in my heart and life surrounding the idea of planting a church.  Up until the point when Laura and I attended an assessment center for potential church planters I wondered if I had the neccessary skills for such an endeavor.

After having the skills and gifts neccessary to plant affirmed in me/us, I began a process of seeking God to determine if in fact He was inviting me to take this step of faith.  I hesitate to use the word “calling” because of the baggage that comes with it, but suffice it to say, I am absolutely confident that God has been a part of this process and is in fact leading Laura and I to respond to God “calling my name”.

When I arrived at a place of confidence that God was in this process and leading us in this direction, I began the process of engaging Berean and its leadership in a dialogue about what it might look like to support and bless this move of God in our lives and what the implications for Soulstice would be.  Quickly our hearts were united around the idea of sending Soulstice as the launch team for this new community called AWAKEN.  We have dreamt that God might use Soulstice to reach the emerging generations in our midst, and with this effort, we believe that He will.

For quite some time I, have had a burden for people who have walked away from church and religion based on their perceptions and experiences and who in doing so, inadvertently walked away from Jesus who is actually offering what they are looking for.  I find this tragic and heartbreaking.  It makes me pound the table and it engages my passions and energy because I believe in the life changing, transforming nature of Jesus and His work on the cross.  I want more than anything for my life to be spent partnered with God’s Spirit awakening people’s hearts to the God who made them, loves them, and offers redemption to them.  This will be the essence of Awaken, and will always be at the center of what we do.

It’s my desire to lead a community of people who do not fit into the traditional models and categories of church that many from my generation and within post-modern culture have walked away from.
In this way we will intentionally be:

MISSIONAL – to be missional is to understand that everything that we do as a church is a derivative of the fact that God has sent us.  We worship a sending God!  One who sent Israel and then Jesus into the world.  One that now sends His Spirit empowering His church, all for the purpose of the redemption of all things in Christ.  Missions is not a program that we support, rather mission is what we are a part of.  The church in it’s fullest expression is the means by which the God of creation is accomplishing his mission of redemption.

COMMUNAL – We believe that salvation brings people together as a reflection of a triune God: Father, Son and Spirit. Saved from sin by faith through grace, the people of God are able to live in relationship with God, each other, and our world.  The call of the church is a communal one.  One that includes all races, classes, and ethnicities around the same table united by Christ.  We cannot do this alone, nor should we.  We will value community, relationships, authenticity and integrity.

TRANSFORMATIONAL – We believe that God, through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus provides a way by which our lives can be transformed, changed, and new.  By trusting Christ in faith, we are transformed and begin the process of becoming truly human as God intended us to be.  We believe this is true, and we expect this to happen in our midst as God works in people’s hearts and lives.

INCARNATIONAL – God came to us when Jesus was born.  Jesus went to the people that needed relationship with God.  We as a church will not assume that people will come to us, but rather we will go to where the people are.  We will incarnate the love of God in the world as we DEMONSTRATE the love of Christ in and through acts of service and sacrifice in our community, all the while ANNOUNCING the way of Jesus and becoming awake to what God is doing in the world.

The intended location is the Joke Joint Comedy Club and negotiations are underway to secure the rental of the facility.


2 thoughts on “Soulstice to become…AWAKEN

  1. I pray God’s blessings upon you and Laura as you follow Gods will for your life. May you be blessed as you are a blessing to others who are seeking our amazing God!

    • thanks gail I appreciate it. it’s been quite a ride so far and i anticipate it’s only going to get more exciting from here. hope you and the family are doing well.

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