Awaken Kid’s Community space…big news

Here’s a copy of the email I sent to our prayer team related to our recent prayer needs regarding our Kid’s Space…

Just thought I would update you all on a big meeting I had today with Joe and his construction guy Keith.  Joe owns the Bar named Moose Country right in the same commercial center along with most of the storefronts including the kids space we’re working on.

Today we met to discuss the kids space which will need some remodeling in order for us to use it.  I was very nervous about the scope of the work which will include cosmetic things like paint, sheetrock, carpet, etc but also a section of ceiling that was dropped significantly in the past that we’d like to bring back up. This will require duct work, electrical and fixtures, and sprinkler systems.  This was the part that made me nervous.  Thankfully, Joe wants the ceiling brought back to it’s original height as well and is going to pay to have it taken it down, the duct work moved, and the sprinklers moved.  The only thing we’ll have a hand in is electrical and installing new fixtures.  All the wiring is in and connected to the correct circuits, so we’ll just have to pick fixtures and connect wires.  Not only that, but Keith is planning on starting the tear out on Tuesday of next week.

Thx for your prayers on this particular issue friends.  We continue to see God at work and in the midst of what is happening in and through Awaken.  I am completely convinced that our collective prayer and intercession is having a significant impact on how things play out in the world that we cannot see.  Thank you all for your part in this corner of God’s kingdom.

grace and peace



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