Awaken Core Value #4_Transformation

This past Sunday about 65 people including kids and adults braved the 90+ temps for Awaken’s 3rd official Gathering Event in St. Paul.  It was a great time of relationship building and enjoying one another’s company with good food and plenty of ice in the cups.

So far this summer we’ve covered the core values of Jesus, Prayer, Authenticity and this week was Transformation.  We say we value transformation, and we commit to keeping it at the center of Awaken because of a fundamental assumption and belief that the God in the Bible is all about transforming us into the kinds of creatures He had in mind when we were created us.  The Biblical story tells of a world that is broken and in need of repair.  Words like reconciliation, redemption, and restoration are all talked about in reference to God’s activity in the world through Jesus.  Deeply embedded in each of these descriptors is the notion of transformation.

Jess Mueller and Laura Hagen shared their story of transformation over the past 2 years which involved tragedy, heartbreak, addiction, doubt, fear, and pain.  Laura grew up in the church but lost sight of who Jesus really is and why He loves her.  Jess was invited to Soulstice by Laura and ironically, though she hadn’t decided to follow Jesus yet, was instrumental in Laura’s journey back to faith.

Each of them has experienced the power of the resurrection and the victory of Jesus over sin and death in very real and personal ways.  This fact, that someone was changed from the inside out, transformed by the power of the Gospel, is and will always be at the heart of Awaken.  We hope you join us this coming week on the 15th for a day of service in the neighborhood and then on the 22nd for Gathering Event #4.

RSVP for the Service Day here:


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