Joke Joint Opportunity to get involved

On another note, during my time at the space today, I ran into Ken (the owner of the Joke Joint) who asked me this.

“Micah, this is a bit of a long shot…but I’m gonna just go for it.  We’re having a contest coming up between “Clean Comics” and “Dirty Comics” to see what people think is funnier.  Is there any chance you or any of your folks would want to be judges?  The catch is they would have to judge both.”

Immediately I said,

“Absolutely Ken, we would love to help you out.  Give me the dates, I’ll let our people know and those that aren’t as sensitive to an f-enheimer and jokes about body parts would love to help judge your contest.”  So here’s the deal, starting August 29th on Sunday Nights there will be a contest with comics from each camp.  If you are interested in helping with the judging please email me at and let me know.  Depending on how many comics sign up will determine how many nights of preliminaries there are.  At the end, the best will advance and their will be a showdown between a clean comic and dirty comic.  You can sign up to judge as many nights as you want and your schedule will allow.

Theological implications of this_you will most likely hear the foulest things you’ve heard in a long time if you choose to sign up for this event.  Bottom line, when you hang out with people who don’t know God, they act like people who don’t know God.  But this is, I would argue, is exactly where the church needs to be, and I would go so far as to say this is exactly where Jesus would be if He were here.  We cannot forget that Jesus hung out and ate meals with the people in his culture who were the worst of the worst.  Socially, we find Jesus in pretty shady places loving people who have pretty shady pasts.  This is not for everyone, nor could everyone in our community not be affected in a negative way if they volunteered to do this.  Let me be clear, this has nothing to do with spiritual maturity nor holiness.  But this is exactly the kind of place that Awaken, in the name of Jesus, needs to have a presence and bring the redeeming story of God to.

If you can volunteer and feel like it wouldn’t have a seriously negative impact on you…then email me.

If you don’t feel like this would be a wise place for you to be, the please pray for those of us who will be there.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would protect our minds and hearts.  Pray that our witness would be positive and for opportunities to share the light and love of Jesus in what has the potential to be a dark situation.


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