Missional Church

So many people talk about the word missional. And yet one of the most frequent questions I get from people is “what’s the deal with this whole missional thing?”
I’m re-reading a book called “The Shaping of things to come” and I’ll post a quote that I think helps us understand the heart of the missional church and missional thinking. Love to hear your thoughts on it.

“How much of the traditional church’s energy goes into adjusting their programs and their public meetings to cater to an unseen constituency? If we get our seating, our parking, our children’s program, our preaching, and our music right, they will come. This assumes that we have a place in our society and that people don’t join churches because, though they want to be Christians, they’re unhappy with the product. The missional church recognizes that it does not hold a place of honor in its host community and that it’s missional imperative compels it to move out from itself into that host community as salt and light.”


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