Awaken Core Value #5,6

This past Sunday we met in the park again to discuss core values #’s 5 and 6 of Generosity and Creativity. If you weren’t able to make it let me recap it for you.

Deep in the heart of God, at least as far as we can see from scripture, is a spirit of generosity.  Generosity that flows from love, and shows itself in grace, mercy and overabundance.  This is part of God’s essence.  It’s who God is.  If it remains true that we as humans are/were created in the image of this God, the generosity should be a part of who we are.  It’s connected to what it means to be human, and therefore is the best possible way to live.  At Awaken we are in pursuit of the best possible way to live as humans, because we believe it’s connected to God’s way in the world made possible through Jesus.  And so we will be a generous people.  Generous with our time, our possessions, our resources, our love, our grace, our buildings and properties and homes, and with ourselves.

Creativity, much in the same way, is deeply rooted in the heart of God.  It was God who began this whole thing by speaking and breathing life as we know it.  Have you ever looked closely at the vast array of creatures and plants that don our planet?  It’s an absolute masterpiece of creativity and imagination.  This same impulse that is in God, is in every human being.  One of the beautiful things about creation is that it’s not static.  It’s actually dynamic and we as humans have a role in how it turns out.  We get to create.  Creativity, art and beauty don’t have to be relegated to the fine arts or the narrow categories we typically think of.  We’re convinced that we all have a creative impulse in us, because God has a creative impulse in Himself.  The question we are asking at Awaken is how are we leveraging our ability to create and imagine for the sake of the Kingdom?  In other words, how can we be as generous as possible with the beauty, ideas and art that we create?


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