Awaken Vision

Awaken Covenant Community: “exists TO BE A PEOPLE, awakened to THROUGH CHRIST, DEMONSTRATING and ANNOUNCING the way of Jesus in the world.”

Vision is such a tricky thing.  It has to be clear and focused, while being profound and meaningful.  It needs to be short and memorable, while tapping into something bigger than itself.  What you just read in quotes is our purpose or mission statement.  It taps into who we want to be, and why we exist.

I was reading a book the other day called “The Shaping of Things to Come” and they proposed a simple triangle with some profound words that connect very well with what we already have as a mission statement.

The three words were: 1. Communion, 2. Community, 3. Commision.

Communion _ is what we’re after when we talk about being awakened to God in Christ.  We believe life was given by the Creator and was intended to be experienced primarily through a beautiful web of relationships.  A web of relationships where true communion and harmony existed.  Harmony between God and his creatures, human to human, and human to creation.  This is what we were made for, and while our world is broken and these relationships are broken due to sin and our choices, God has made a way for communion/harmony to be possible again through Jesus.  We need to be and want to be AWAKE to this fact at Awaken.

Community _ God has chosen to reveal this beautiful plan to the world through a community, or a group of people in the world called the church.  God has invited us into this community, and we need each other to be the community that God dreams for.  We cannot do this alone or on our own.  We need to know other people in deep and profound ways, and we need to be known in this same way.

Commission _ This is the demonstrating and announcing.  God is a sending God.  All the way from the beginning He sends his Spirit and His Son into the world.  He sends Israel.  He sends the church.  To be a part of the church is to know and participate in the “missio dei” or the mission of God for the world.  We like to call it “God’s dream for the world”.  What is God’s dream for the world?  The redemption, restoration, and/or reconciliation of all things.  God made it all good in the beginning, He wants it all back, He’s made this possible in and through Jesus, and it’s the church’s role and responsibility to demonstrate and announce this fact to a world that is asleep.

Here’s a short video to recap what we mean by this…


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