From a member of Awaken

Here’s the thing…most Christians and church going folk see a very clear between themselves and the pastors, clergy, professionals, staff people or whatever else you might want to call them.  The problem is this kind of thinking is clearly not Biblical and at least equally concerning, it’s drenched in American Western Consumerism which makes the church the provider and the church people the consumers.  This creates all sorts of really unfortunate situations very quickly, which are not the purpose of this post, thankfully.

The purpose of this post is to remind us that the work of theology is to be done by the church, and by this I mean ALL the people who consider themselves to be a part of God’s family.  Said differently, it’s not the work of the “theologians” who hole themselves up in ivory towers and disseminate information to the masses.  It’s a communal thing!  Which requires that we ALL give and receive in the process of thinking and reflecting on God, scripture and what it means to follow Jesus.

I taught this past weekend from Luke 9 and the Transfiguration of Jesus.  One of the people who is a part of the Awaken Community connected with my by email and I thought her take on things was quite “brill” (i.e. brilliant for those that don’t do the “abreves”)  Here it is, with permission, for the encouragement of the community.

“Anyway, what also rocked (pardon the pun) was Peter guy. Mr Joe Bloggs himself acted completely within character to be recorded in the Bible forever. Poor guy. You can imagine the other disciples thinking – here goes Peter again…..groan! Yet this brings real typical bread and butter type people right into the center of God’s plan. He was considered worthy by Jesus to be there and worthy to do the great commission.

I think you said this, “Touch as much as you can with hands of love. The world is not a virus you will get if you go too close’ So we need to get/keep our plastic gloves off knowing that any dirt can be shaken off for Jesus died for the world’s sin. Unfortunately when Christians do leave buildings to go into the world people think it’s a bottle of antiseptic germ cleaner heading their way – ready to swipe 99.9 % of all known germs ie their existence as they know it. Lets face it, even our best is tainted by sin and under the pride, we all know it! In actual fact God wants the whole person, community, family just as they are and then continue to make a work of art from what’s already there. it’s a process that doesn’t stop – no matter how long God’s been working on a particular piece. I don’t think there is a ‘them and us’ – God is working in hearts long before people accept and allow God into their lives. We do well to live, share and demonstrate who we are, as we are, and allow God to do the same through us.”


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