Amsterdam _ Day 1

I’m sitting in Amsterdam which is located in the Netherlands, also know as Holland, home of the Dutch. Someone make that clear to me please! We arrived in Amsterdam early this morning around 10am, changed some money, checked our carry on bags into lockers and we’re ready to rock. That’s until a brigade of men/women in uniforms (evidently from customs) punched in a code on the lockers and they ALL opened up.

These fine people proceeded to dig through people’s bags very thoroughly looking for who knows what. It was another fine example of culture and context playing out right before our eyes. As an American, I was ready to write my congressperson and call a lawyer! This was an invasion of privacy to the max. There was no just cause for these people to root around through these people’s things, and furthermore they weren’t even present! No search warrant, no nothing! Just customs agents breaking into a locker you paid for to protect your stuff from thieves, digging through my stuff without permission.

The funny thing is that nobody in the airport batted an eye. Nobody cared. Nobody noticed anything out of the ordinary and we were all blown away. Interesting way to start the day for sure.
Amsterdam is beautiful! Much like other European cities I’ve seen. Old buildings, brick, cobblestone, and beautiful people. Plenty of weed on the streets being smoked, and beautiful people. We walked nearly 4 miles, saw the Van Gogh musuem, had lunch, had latte’s and cafe (coffee) overlooking one of the many dykes, all in all a great day.
Here’s a few pics

In about an hour we leave for Nairobi, Kenya and another 8-9 hr flight. So looking forward to meeting our ministry partners on the ground in Malawi and the process of stepping into what God is up to on the other side of the world.


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