Not Fitting In…

When I was a kid, I remember having some vivid experiences of not fitting in. Social settings or educational situations where you felt as though “you were the only one.” Today, four of my teammates and I walked up the main street in Kasungo, Malawi. Our hopes were to take it in. To get out from behind the walls of our hotel and the bushes along the street that keep us from seeing the people.

Today I was acutely aware that we did not fit in. We were outsiders, foreigners, aliens so to speak from another land. I honestly thought that I was the first white guy that some of the folks on the street had ever seen. To be perfectly honest, I felt extremely alone and isolated. I think this would have been made worse if I weren’t with my friends, but suffice it to say, it was a feeling that was foreign to me. I’m hoping to learn from this experience!

Tonight, our team sits around the table waiting for our dinner. We ordered over an hour ago and there seems to be no one rushing around trying to fix this. The malawian world relief leaders are just chillaxing engaging in conversation and getting to know our team. Again, maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. At the end of the day, people matter more than schedules!

I have never wanted to fall asleep so badly! After what proved to be two all nighters of travel, I pried my eyes open all afternoon fighting the urge to sleep so that tonight is a restful experience. Hoping and trusting that tomorrow will be a new day with a fresh perspective and energy to dive into what God has for us in Malawi


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