Reading while in Africa…

While I’ve been in Africa there has been plenty of down time in the evenings. I recognize that while I say this my beautiful bride of almost 12 years has been at home trying to put three red headed monkeys to bed every night. I love you honey and I’ll be home soon!

Be that as it may, I thought I would share a few thoughts on the books I’ve been able to cover while in Africa.
The first book was “Love Wins” by Rob Bell. If you have had your ear to the Evangelical buzz around town you’ll know that this book has stirred up a hornets nest so to speak. Even if you don’t agree with Bell’s conclusion, it’s a good read that will challenge you. In it, Rob Bell challenges the traditional understandings of heaven and hell as literal places that all of humanity will dwell in forever after death. This part of the book I want to say “amen” to Bell and the need for the church to really think through what we have been teaching about heaven and hell. He takes it a step further and offers a position that in the end, God’s love wins. I’ll leave you to determine whether or not you agree with that but Bell does make a point worth noting, that many people within the stream of Christianity have held to this position along the way.

The second book is “Simple Church” by two author named Rainer and Geiger. This is more of a strategic book for people involved in churches and church planting. They interviewed over 400 churches and leaders to determine if their thesis regarding simplicity was in fact correct. They believed they would find a correlation between the simplicity of the purpose and process of any given church would be directly connected to the effectiveness of said church. They were right!
This is a great book for leaders across the board who are in the process and at the table of organizations trying to move people in a certain direction.


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