Sunday’s Teaching _ “Mine’ing”

On sunday we worked through a passage in Luke 14 where Jesus says something that’s pretty over the top. He tells some folks around him “unless you give up everything you have, you cannot be my disciple.” On the surface, this is pretty startling for a number of reasons. One of them being that none of us actually believe Jesus was serious when he said this because we all have/own stuff.

So the question becomes, what was Jesus talking about? What did he mean? Thanks to some inspiration from Greg Boyd and a teaching he did on this passage at Woodland Hills, I offered some thoughts around the idea that when we say something is “mine” that it actually “mines” us back. When we think about our possessions and things that we “own”, we have to be very careful because they can easily begin to “own” us, and Jesus is very clear that we cannot serve two masters.

So the question(s) for discussion or debate:
– Do you agree with what you heard? why or why not?
(here’s a link to the podcast:
– Are there things in your life that you own that you may be “mine’ing” you back? What does it look like for you to begin holding those things loosely?
– Is there anything that you actually need to get rid of to be free from that ongoing relationship of “mine’ing”?


One thought on “Sunday’s Teaching _ “Mine’ing”

  1. I find myself agreeing with my mind and disagreeing with my heart. On a rational, cognitive level, there is a sense that I know everything I own is temporary and attachment or even “enmeshment” to those things only creates problems.

    However, on a deep subconscious level, there’s a gut reaction to when things I want to last and keep in mint condition become tarnished, I become a little indignant. It’s a fine line to walk between stewardship and hoarding.

    At the onset of 2011, I decided its the year of frugality because disposable income just seems to vanish with or without my knowledge. I was buying an album a week and jeans or a shirt every month or so. I committed to not buy any music or clothes for a year. Almost 4 months in to it, I’ve rediscovered music and clothes I purchased a long time ago. I’ve also gotten creative with discovering free music. Overall I feel much more content and appreciative of things I already own.

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