To Receive Blessing & Anointing

Last week I was in Florida at a conference with my wife Laura.

We were attending a workshop when we heard, “Oh my gosh, LAURA!”

We turned around to see Judy, Laura’s mentor in High School, and her husband Neal.  Neal and Judy have always held a special place in our hearts and Judy is one of the most influential people in Laura’s spiritual journey.  We connected over lunch and a number of conversations and it became very obvious that God was up to something.  Fast forward to the last session where people were encouraged to come forward to receive prayer and blessing as they start new churches.

Laura looked at me and said, let’s find Neal and Judy.

When we found them, Laura looked at this couple that has always held an iconic place in her/our lives and said, “Will you pray for us?”  Neal and Judy wrapped their arms around us and pulled our heads in close to their chests. Neal put his hand on my head and they began to pray.  They prayed for wisdom and encouragement. They prayed for leadership and authority.  In short, they blessed us.  Like a father to his son and a mother to her daughter, they spoke life into us and declared what was true about us and reminded us who we were.


Laine spoke from a text where John tells his friends that they have received an anointing from Jesus.  To be anointed is to be called out, set apart, blessed and consecrated for a purpose.  This anointing comes by faith in Jesus, who was and is The Anointed one of God.  I think it’s important for us to remember who our “called outness & set apartness” comes from and why it’s meaningful.  It comes from Jesus by faith.  And it defines you.  It reminds you, in the words of 1 Peter, once you were not a people, but now you are the people God.

What does it mean for you to receive this from God by faith, and then live into it as you live in the world?


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