Israel = T-minus 12 Hours

Many of you know that I have the exciting opportunity to travel to Israel over the next 13 days with Rabbi Alan who leads the study groups that I have mentioned in teachings at Awaken.

To say that I am excited is the understatement of the year.

I will be blogging about my experiences here at the Awaken blog for those that are interested in following along. Also, listed below is our itinerary for the trip and the stops we’ll be making from north to south in Israel.

Sunday, September 29th
Arrival in Israel – drive north along Mediterranean coastline – ascend Mount Carmel Overviews of the biblical Valley of Jezreel.
Study session – 1 Kings 18

Monday, September 30th
Study time – walk through the Dan Nature Reserve, one of the sources of the Jordan River. Visit Tel Dan, city of the biblical Danites –
Study session – Genesis 14

Tuesday, October 1st
Study time – ascend the Golan Heights to Gamla, site of an ancient Jewish city.               Study session – Exodus 19 (“I carried you on eagle’s wings…”)

Wednesday, October 2nd
Study time – Sea of Galilee to visit the location of the Sermon on the Mount                   Study session -Matthew 5:1-12, reflections from Isaiah and Psalms 

Thursday, October 3rd
Study time -visit the cliffs of Arbel and hike down.                                                          Study session – passage will be determined by the group
   *Depart for Jerusalem                                                                                                

Friday, October 4th
Study time – visit passages that refer to the site of the village of Capernaum                 Study session on Shabbat in Jerusalem

Saturday, October 5th
Study time – overview and introduction to the city from the Mount of Olives.                 Study Session…Genesis 22, Sabbath and eternity in the Torah.

Sunday, October 6th
Study time – enter the Old City, the Western Wall, the Southern Wall – reviewing the history of the temple that Jesus would have experienced.

Monday, October 7th
Study time – drive to the Valley of Elah –
Study session – 1 Samuel 17.
   * Depart for desert                                                                                                  

Tuesday, October 8th
Study session –caves of Ein Gedi and Nahal Arugot – Saul and David Study session – 1 Samuel 24 – swim in the hidden waterfalls.

Wednesday, October 9th – Depart for MN


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