Israel: Days 1 & 2

Swim in the Mediterranean, check.
Swim in the Sea of Galilee, check.
Study the story of Elijah from the top of Mt. Carmel, check.
Study Genesis 1 from a beautiful garden, check.


If this trip doesn’t get any better from here on out it will have been worth it. To all those praying for me and those who have supported me to be here, thank you seems so inadequate.

I’m struck by how small this country is and yet it is so rich with history. It seems as though anything that is important in the history of our story as humans is somehow connected to this land. You have deserts, you have mountains, you have rich fertile valleys, sand dunes, oceans, lakes, rivers…it’s all here. The people are so beautiful. I remember having this experience in Africa. Such captivating stories and faces.

Yesterday we drove from “sea to sea” as the locals say from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Galilee. As we descended from the heights of Mt. Carmel and the mountains down to the Sea (600ft below sea level) I had the strange sense that something was here for me. My first glimpse of the Galilee and the boats on the water and I began to cry. A part of me was already here. These young men Jesus called and said “come and follow me”, they were fishermen. I did not expect this, and quite frankly I’m still trying to make sense of it. Something about this place, where Jesus walked, probably fished, where he called these young men to follow, there is something special here.


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