Israel Day 7

Capernaum…wow what a city!
Luke chapter 4 begins with Jesus in the wilderness in the hills of the Galilee being tempted by Satan.
After this small and insignificant event he heads to his hometown in the hills of small village called Nazareth.
It’s here that he’s run out of town by his family and neighbors because they’re not really interested in the new calling he’s been given and he makes his way to Capernaum.


This is the city of Simon Peter, the only disciple that we know of that was married.
We know this because his mother in law has a house there, and Jesus makes it his home base for the time that he spends wandering and teaching in the sea side towns surrounding The Galilee.

This is as close as I have ever felt to the text.
I stood in a the ruins of a synagogue that was built on the remains of the one Jesus wanders into and casts out a demon.
In Capernaum, they have found the remains of a house that had two pillars with the names Yeshua and Petras carved into them.
That’s pretty authentic!

When I was 14 years old, I heard a man named Mark Gold give a message about the 5 drachma coin that Peter pulled out of the fishes mouth and I surrendered my life to following this Jesus. It was this story that was the turning point for me. It was this story and the telling of it when I heard Jesus call my name for the first time.

So there I stood, with the wind blowing in my face, and the sun shining glistening off the water of the same Sea that Jesus calls Peter & John and others…not bad for a Friday.



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