Israel Day 10

What is sacred time?


This is not only a question the scriptures ask, but an invitation it seems to offer us.
It’s something that sneaks up on you.
Many live life never aware of it.
But, when you get a glimpse of it & taste it, you cannot help but remember it.


Sacred time is an altogether different way of inhabiting time & space.
It’s an awareness of the ever present God who created me.
It’s a vibrating in my Spirit that I am keenly aware of in particular situations.
And sometimes, every once in a while it is almost impossible to deny.

Day 9 of our trip was one of those moments.
It was dripping with sacredness.
It was as if the space we inhabited was on another plane than that which surrounded us.
It was like a portal that was open, and we stepped in and communed with the divine, and then it closed.
God was there, I was there, we spoke.
The best I can do to describe it is electricity in my soul.



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