Finding a Fit

Write. Delete. Write some more. Delete a whole lot more. Walk away from the computer. And start over again.

This was my process for writing and rewriting this blog post. In the midst of many drafts, the thought came to me: Perhaps this process is exactly what I need to write about – about trying to perfect something.

You see, perfection isn’t something I [usually] focus on; I can’t say I’ve ever obsessed over it. If anything, my life carries a tone of the opposite: Of things being, generally, out-of-order / random / spontaneous / go with the flow – you get the picture.

So, when thinking of our missional community in the west, I cannot say perfection is the goal. If we try to be flawless and bring about our own agendas, we will not bear fruit in our work. We are quite diverse as our community group is a wide variety of souls – all carrying their own stories, opinions and treasures.

We’ve dialogued, shared, encouraged and prayed. As a community, we’re moving towards the brainstorming phase; of how we can get a taste of a variety of people groups, activities and service opportunities.

I don’t believe it’s about us finding the perfect fit. But I do believe it’s about us finding a fit. It’s about exploring options and discerning God’s call for our community. Where can we engage? Where are our passions? What do we have in our hands? How do we come? It is this approach of questions that I envision open hands, palms up, and a willingness to receive. It’s a gentle posture that leaves us open to connection, growth, and blessings.

So here we are as the West Side community. With no predetermined route or agenda, just open hearts, and willing souls to see more of ourselves while seeing more of who God is.

Won’t you join us? The 3rd Sunday of every month we meet at a home in Bloomington. All ages are invited to participate from 5pm – 8pm. Come when you can. Come as you are. Contact Diana Suedbeck for more information.


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