East Missional Community Update

The last couple of months our east side missional community (ESMC) has been actively seeking how to plug-in and support our side of the metro in meaningful and effective ways. While it’s sometimes easy to get overwhelmed when talking about the needs of our neighbors, we’ve found it most effective to scale down our overarching goals (i.e. feeding the hungry) to more tangible plans able to be carried out by the group.

Here are a few ways we’ve stepped out this spring:

  1. Garlough Environmental Magnet School (GEMS) has continued to be a focus for our group, so when they asked for a few volunteers to help at a spaghetti feed in support of their literacy program it was a no brainer to help out. Families served dinner and/or stopped in to enjoy the meal hosted at Henry Sibley High, and they were pleased with the turnout and dollars raised for the program at this inaugural event.
  2. Another way we found opportunity to come alongside GEMS families was through a food drive targeted specifically for over their spring break. 70% of the students there are eligible for the free and reduced lunch program, meaning that outside of school these children aren’t guaranteed to have enough food, so it was very cool to see all of Awaken rally to bring 50 bags over for the social worker to distribute to families that needed it most. Kids were excited, grateful, and brutally honest as they shared what a treat this was since they weren’t used to having much food in the house. The bag contents were thoughtfully determined by one of our group members, taking nutrition, shelf life, and literacy into account. What a neat and simple way to make a big difference! We hope to do this again.
  3. Neighbors don’t always fall into our “zip code” per say, and this group has proven that by organizing a quilting party to make a blanket for the family of a victim that a Colorado school shooting left behind at just seventeen years old. The blanket featured seventeen stars to remember her years, and to show the family that the light of her life shines on. There was much laughter and fellowship in the making of this quilt, which was truly a group effort and encompassed a lot of dedication by the stakeholders of the project! We hope the family was comforted by this creative gesture of community.

My favorite part of MC is seeing new faces as people check it out and get involved when and how they are able. It’s a fun group always looking for the next thing to jump into and I can’t wait to see where He takes us next.

Remember, missional communities exist to help ideas come to life as we step out faithfully as a group, powered by action, to serve the community at large.

Have an outreach idea? Maybe this post has sparked something in you. Tell us by commenting with what kinds of things YOU would like to see MC get involved in and let’s make it happen. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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