This Is My Presence

20140514-215932.jpgMy name is Todd Twyman. I am a life group leader and I teach Holy Yoga at Awaken.

At the end of April I traveled to the mountains of Northern Arizona to take part in the week-long Holy Yoga New Instructor Intensive Retreat. I was there to complete my own Holy Yoga leadership training program called T3 (Train The Trainer). My role was to lead a small group of new instructors and help to serve and support the new instructors as they completed their training.

I love retreats. I mean I really love retreats. I always have because I usually meet God and I see how He meets and changes me and others. I came to the Holy Yoga retreat knowing how powerful and life changing this could be.

Well God did meet me. He brought freedom from the identities and truths that I have built around myself. He helped me see my real identity, the Truth that God sees and knows me to be. I experienced His presence.

On that Thursday the weather was beautiful (especially after a hard, long Minnesota winter) and I found a spot in the grass on the lawn of the house my T3 team was staying in. I was spending time with the T3 devotional that we were praying through during the retreat. The devotional simply asked us to be still and just let God speak.

I laid there thinking OK but I was not sure if God would speak or what would happen. I was open though. I tried to be quiet. The word warmth came to mind. I wrote it in my journal. God did the rest. I wrote and cried. God was opening the veal and letting me know His presence. This is what He spoke to my heart. I hope it touches you as it touched me.

Feel the warmth on you. Feel the sun.
Hear the wind in the pine trees.
The soft grass, green and fresh.
The smells of spring, growth.
Even the bug on your paper.

This is my presence. This is ME.
See I am all around.

I AM the sun and the warmth on your back. I AM comforting you. Holding you to Myself. Close, secure, protected.

I AM the wind you hear. My breath moving, stirring. Breathing life in you. Strengthening you. Notice the trees the wind is blowing through. Straight and tall. Moving in the wind but strong. This you with my breath.

I AM the color and softness of the grass. A carpet to walk on, lay on. Growth coming from the ground. Stand on this soft ground and grow with my love.

I AM the smells you smell in the air. New, earthy, fresh and clean. Inhale my presence and love and know that even when life is not fresh and clean, you have this fresh presence in you.

I AM even the little bug you see walking and tickling your arm. I AM letting you know I AM here.

I AM in you – FULLY. Not just a little or sometimes. Fully and always. You are my creation, my beauty. You are beautiful in my eyes. Nothing can change this fact. I LOVE YOU – FULLY – PERIOD.

So like the bug or the sun’s warmth or smells, you are a sign of my presence to others. Let them see you so they can see me. This is my presence.

Until next time friends. Peace and Love.

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